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Bridge Pool

Bridge Pool

Lake Information

  • Total of 84 pegs
  • Top match weight: 250lb
  • Main Species:
    • Common Carp
    • Mirror Carp
    • Ghost Carp
    • Bream
    • Tench
    • Roach
    • Perch
  • Parking behind every peg

Parking behind most pegs on the Outer, short walk to all other pegs.
Specimen Carp too 25lbs.

Lake Top Tips

  • Pole fishing at 5/6 metres at full depth laying on the shelf with Expander pellets, Chopped Worms and Casters.

  • Pole fishing at 12 metres at full depth and Shallow in Warmer months using Luncheon Meat.

  • Pole fishing down the margins on top of the inner shelf using Corn, Catmeat or Worms.

  • Pellet Cone with banded pellet to the middle of the lake.

  • Pellet Waggler to the middle of the lake.

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