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Match Results (7-2013)

Check out all the latest winners and runners up on our Match Results.

27th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat Island (16 pegs)

  1. A Oldham (Frenzee)

    winners peg25

    winners weight155-2-0

    Andy Oldham returned to winning ways for this Saturday open. Andy fished shallow with pellet and meat at 13m for 32 carp to 8lb

  2. D Oldham (Maltby)

    winners peg68

    winners weight123-14-0

    Daz Oldham made it a family affair from island 68. Daz used paste over pellet and hempo at 13m for carp to 12lb

  3. G Gibson (Worksop)

    winners peg15

    winners weight67-12-0

    Gordon fished catmeat over pellet down the margins for 10 carp and a few skimmers

  4. R Austin (Halkon Hunt)

    winners peg20

    winners weight64-0-0

  5. P Bagshaw (Barnsley Blacks)

    winners peg58

    winners weight59-0-0

28th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat Outer (32 Pegs)

  1. P Miles (Doncaster)

    winners peg55

    winners weight107-1-0

    Pete won this Sunday open on moat pool fom outer 55. Pete started on pellet cone with hair rigged corn and meat for 10 carp and later caught 7 carp on maggots down the margins

  2. G Mumby (Hallcroft)

    winners peg10

    winners weight89-12-0

    Second was local rod Gary Mumby from peg 10. Gary fished pellet and meat shallow at 14m alternating 2ft and 4ft deep for carp to 8lb

  3. A Oldham (Frenzee)

    winners peg92

    winners weight85-14-0

    Andy Oldham also used shallow tactics to good effect for his third place finish. Andy used banded 6mm pellet for carp to 10lb

  4. G Gibson (Worksop)

    winners peg17

    winners weight79-8-0

  5. R Austin (Halkon Hunt)

    winners peg98

    winners weight70-10-0

26th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon open

Moat Pool (29 Pegs)

  1. G Gibson (Worksop)

    winners pegOuter 101

    winners weight123-2-0

    Weights continue to improve on moat pool and the top 2 both broke the ton mark in this latest friday open. Gordon Gibson started shallow with 6mm pellet on pole and later made the switch to the margins with catmeat over micros for 14 carp to 12lb

  2. P Miles (Doncaster)

    winners pegIsland 58

    winners weight111-10-0

    Pete Miles also used the margins to great effect. Using maggots and worms over groundbait and pellet Pete caught steadily in the second half of the match

  3. A Cordall (Bridon)

    winners pegOuter 83

    winners weight73-14-0

    Andy again found carp in his margins using double corn over pellet for specimens to 11lb

  4. N Wood (Hallcroft)

    winners pegOuter 71

    winners weight67-15-0

  5. A Oldham (Frenzee)

    winners pegOuter 77

    winners weight60-0-0

25th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Moat Pool (38 Pegs)

  1. N Wood (Hallcroft)

    winners pegIsland 73

    winners weight63-2-0

    After suffering low oxygen levels earlier in the week the carp responded reasonably well for this latest well attended veterans open. Leading the field was Nigel Wood from end peg 73 on moat Island. Nigel caught on maggot and meat over marukyu groundbait catching carp to 8lb

  2. C Line (Retford)

    winners pegIsland 62

    winners weight60-2-0

    Chris Line fished long pole and waggler shallow with banded pellet for his 8 carp and a few skimmers and second place

  3. R Holmes (Notts AA)

    winners pegIsland 18

    winners weight58-12-0

    Roger fished 6mm banded pellet hard on the bottom at 10m for his carp and skimmer catch

  4. D Speight (Sheffield)

    winners pegIsland 22

    winners weight54-12-0

  5. D Downes (Killamarsh)

    winners pegOuter 100

    winners weight53-10-0

24th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Juniors

Croft Pool

  1. Connor Morris (Doncaster)

    winners peg24

    winners weight44-2-0

    Connor won this first round of the junior summer holiday matches from croft 24. Connor fished maggot and pellet at 12m for a mixed bag of tench skimmers and smaller carp

  2. Rosie Muxloe (Retford)

    winners peg0

    winners weight31-12-0

    Rosie fished short pole with maggots over groundbait also for a mixed bag of silvers and tench

  3. Nathan Charlton(Hallcroft)

    winners peg27

    winners weight29-12-0

    Nathan caught on meat and pellet into the margins catching carp to 8lb

  4. Dal Woodcock (Worksop)

    winners peg9

    winners weight22-9-0

  5. Byron Shannon (Hallcroft)

    winners peg3

    winners weight19-11-0

Sunday, 21st July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match

Moat/Canal Pool.

  1. P Elliott, MAP Leegem

    winners pegCanal 2

    winners weight146-2-0

    A great day's fishing was capped off with the bonus of £1000 Link Peg as Paul Elliott won from peg 2 on Canal. Paul fished paste on the pole at 12m to catch mainly small carp in his winning net.

  2. S Clark, Mansfield Sensas

    winners pegCanal 14

    winners weight112-8-0

    Steve Clark edged second spot also with another net of small carp fishing meat and pellet on th pole.

  3. G Mumby, MAP Leegem

    winners pegMoat Outer 30

    winners weight110-14-0

    Gary Mumby took third place from Moat Outer today. Gary fished paste and then corn corn over pellet to the margins late on.

  4. A Sellars, Bankside Tackle

    winners pegCanal 20

    winners weight99-9-0

    Pellet on the pole

  5. B Sullivan, Maltby

    winners pegCanal 6

    winners weight93-2-0

    Pole and meat

  6. S Twigg, MAP Leegem

    winners pegMoat Outer 22

    winners weight81-14-0

    Paste on pole.

Saturday, 20th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match

Moat Pool, 20 pegs

  1. A Oldham, Frenzee

    winners pegIsl 24

    winners weight111-13-0

    Andy Oldham was today's winner with a decent ton plus net of carp. Andy fished Luncheon meat shallow at 13m.

  2. G Gibson, Worksop AS

    winners pegIsl 22

    winners weight92-6-0

    Gordon Gibson returned to form with a second place net of carp. Gordon also caught shallow today, but used pellets.

  3. J Thomas, Subfish

    winners pegIsl 10

    winners weight87-10-0

    Jason Thomas took third spot with a net of carp and bream caught using 6mm pellet on the pole.

  4. A Sellars, Bankside Tackle

    winners pegOut 110

    winners weight67-2-0

    Bomb and pellet

  5. G Mumby, MAP Leegem

    winners pegIsl 30

    winners weight63-4-0

    Meat Shallow

Friday, 19th July 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft PM Match

Moat Island

  1. D Oldfield, Sheffield

    winners peg9

    winners weight76-8-0

    In what turned out a tough match, Derek Oldfield came out on top with a net of carp. Derek fished paste to the margins.

  2. D Whiting, Button Hole

    winners peg5

    winners weight62-8-0

    Dave Whiting's second place net comprised of carp and skimmers caught on short pole with chopped worms.

  3. N Wood, MAP Leegem

    winners peg14

    winners weight56-14-0

    Nigel Wood took third place fishing maggot over groundbait at 6m on the pole.

  4. M Hall, MAP Tuxford

    winners peg54

    winners weight53-0-0

Thursday, 18th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Match

Bridge Pool, 26 pegs

  1. A Sellars, Bankside Tackle

    winners pegOut 26

    winners weight139-9-0

    Andy Sellars stormed to victory today with a nice ton plus net of carp all caught on punched meat with a waggler.

  2. D Clegg, Britannia

    winners pegOut 29

    winners weight66-14-0

    Angling legend Dick Clegg took second spot also with carp caught shallow on meat.

  3. D Speight, Sheffield

    winners pegIsl 7

    winners weight64-4-0

    Dave Speight fished pellet on the pole to catch carp and bream for third.

  4. K Pacey, Gainsborough

    winners pegOut 44

    winners weight50-6-0

    Paste on the pole

  5. I Donaldson, Notts A A

    winners pegOut 34

    winners weight49-0-0

    Maggot on the rod

Tuesday, 16th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft PM Costcutter Match

Moat Island

  1. C Line, Retford Angling Centre

    winners peg2

    winners weight66-12-0

    Chris Line fished corn to the margins to cat h carp too 8lbs in his winning net.

  2. M Cordall, New Packet

    winners peg18

    winners weight59-14-0

    Mark Cordall fished meat on the pole at 13m to catch mainly skimmer bream in his second place net.

  3. M Hall, MAP Tuxford

    winners peg63

    winners weight57-10-0

    Mick Hall fished pellet and meat on the long pole for a mixed third place net.

Monday, 15th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Costcutter

Bridge Pool, 18pegs

  1. B Sullivan, Maltby

    winners pegIsl 7

    winners weight69-0-0

    Brian Sullivan won today's match with a net of carp all caught shallow using 8mm banded pellet on the waggler to the middle of Bridge.

  2. l Donaldson, Notts A A

    winners pegOut 8

    winners weight55-15-0

    IAN Donaldson edged the close second spot with carp and bream caught short on maggot over groundbait.

  3. R Bell, Barnsley

    winners pegOut 18

    winners weight55-12-0

    Rob Bell fished meat shallow on the pole at 12m to catch enough carp for third.

  4. G Hiley, Mansfield

    winners pegIsl 23

    winners weight49-4-0

    Pellet and paste on the pole.

  5. K Pacey, Gainsborough

    winners pegIsl 16

    winners weight48-2-0

    Pole and paste.

14th nJuly 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat Pool (37 Pegs)

  1. S Barraclough (Frenzee)

    winners pegOuter 10

    winners weight231lb 2oz

    Drawn at fancied windward end peg 10 on moat outer Steve Barraclough made no mistake with a whopping 231lb. Steve fished shallow with meat aiming at cruising fish for carp into double figures

  2. D Oldham (Maltby)

    winners pegIsland 2

    winners weight148lb 12oz

    Daz Oldham also used shallow tactics to good effect. Alternating between waggler and pole with banded 6mm pellet he caught carp to 12lb

  3. A Sellars (Bankside)

    winners pegIsland 22

    winners weight123lb 12oz

    Andy used waggler withg meat for his 16 carpo into double figures

  4. S Corbett (Mexborough)

    winners pegIsland 7

    winners weight118lb 12oz

  5. B Sullivan (Maltby)

    winners pegOuter 61

    winners weight106lb 13oz

  6. S Sheperd (Map Leegem)

    winners pegOuteer 26

    winners weight101lb 12oz

13th July 2013 Clubman Semi Final

Moat Outer

  1. L Hewison (Retford)

    winners peg53

    winners weight115lb 12oz

    This popular club competition found local clubs fishing the 1st of the semis on moat pool. Lee Hewison led the way from fancied end peg 53. Lee fished long pole with 14m and meat for 20 carp to 8lb

  2. M Cordall (Hallcroft)

    winners peg105

    winners weight73lb 0oz

    Mark opted for meat both shallow and on the bottom at 6m and 13m for a mixed bag of carp and skimmers

  3. S Pimperton (Plough AC)

    winners peg22

    winners weight69lb 12oz

    Shane fished shallow waggler with banded 8mm pellet for carp to 12lb

  4. I Marshall (Subfish)

    winners peg51

    winners weight58lb 12oz

  5. A Tait (Retford)

    winners peg32

    winners weight54lb 13oz

13th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat Island

  1. A Sellars (Bankside Tackle)

    winners pegPeg 33

    winners weight180lb 12oz

    Despite the baking hot condition weights were really impressive in this latest open on moat island. Andy Sellar led the way with his favoured shallow waggler approach. Alternating pellet and meat hair rigged Andy caught 25 carp to 10lb

  2. J Kelly (Doncaster)

    winners pegPeg 53

    winners weight151lb 2oz

    John Kelly also fished shallow but with long pole. John fished banded 6mm pellet feeding 6mm feed pellet

  3. A Lakey (Worksop)

    winners pegPeg 28

    winners weight132lb 12oz

    Andy alternated waggler on pole shallow with meat for carp to 12lb

  4. M Malia (Worksop)

    winners pegPeg 40

    winners weight121lb 12oz

  5. S Clark (Mansfield)

    winners pegPeg 15

    winners weight91lb 0oz

11 July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets Open


  1. B Sullivan (Maltby)

    winners pegOuter 10

    winners weight156-4-0

    Brian fished waggler shallow with 8mm pellet from outer peg 10 for an impressive 156lb weight

  2. M Cordall (Retford)

    winners pegIsland 34

    winners weight122-14-0

    Mark fished long pole with meat and pellet up in the water for 20 carp and 20lb of skimmers

  3. I Donaldson (Notts)

    winners pegIsland 38

    winners weight97-7-0

    Ian also opted for shallow tactics using the waggler at 2 foot deep

  4. K Pacey (Gainsborough)

    winners pegIsland 2

    winners weight85-12-0

  5. K Walters (Retford)

    winners pegIsland 14

    winners weight83-13-0

10th July FSSAA National (26 TEAMS)


  1. G Leversidge (Marukyu)

    winners pegMoat Outer 90

    winners weight176lb 13oz

    This as a cracking match for the 26 teams in the fire service national. Leading the wat was Gavin Leversidge with an impressive 176lb. Gavin fished shallow alternating pellet and meat at 14m for carp to 9lb

  2. A Hampson (FSSAA)W Yorks

    winners pegCanal 19

    winners weight100lb 14oz

    Andy fished pellet across to the far bak to claim second place also breaking the ton. Andy caught carp to 3lb

  3. R Goldwater (FSSAA)

    winners pegMoat Outer 26

    winners weight97lb 6oz

    Rob fished shallow both with pole and waggler. Alternating pellet and meat on the hook caught carp to 12lb

  4. F Holt (FSSAA)

    winners pegBridge Island 13

    winners weight90lb 10oz

  5. C Prince (FSSAA)

    winners pegMoat Island 14

    winners weight90lb

9th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft afternoon open

Bridge Pool

  1. Jamie Masson (Marukyu)

    winners pegOuter 21

    winners weight95lb 2oz

    With the red hot temperatures carp were reluctant to feed in this latest match on bridge pool. Jamie Masson alternated waggler and pole shallow with pellet, feeding very little for carp to double figures

  2. N Shipman (Hallcroft)

    winners pegIsland 13

    winners weight64lb 2oz

    Nigel also fished shallow. Feeding 4mm pellet and banded 6mm on the hook for carp and skimmers

  3. R Teigh (Handsworth)

    winners pegOuter 42

    winners weight42-14-0

    Rich caught his carp on meat 1ft deep dobbing

  4. R Goldwater (Hallcroft)

    winners pegOuter 15

    winners weight40lb 12oz

  5. Daz Oldham

    winners pegOuter 12

    winners weight40lb 6oz

8th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets Open

Reed and Canal Pools

  1. Reg Turner (Retford)

    winners pegReed 23

    winners weight138lb 10oz

    Reed pool produced the goods in this monday vets match. Reg Turner fished shallow with meat at 13m for carp from 2lb to 7lb

  2. K Pacey (Gainsborough)

    winners pegCanal 2

    winners weight101lb 12oz

    Ken alternated pellet and paste to the far bank for his ton plus weight. Ken caught carp to 2lb

  3. C Line (Retford)

    winners pegCanal 14

    winners weight98lb 8oz

    Chris opted for 6mm banded pellet over 4mm feed for his third place weight of 98lb

  4. R Holmes (Notts AA)

    winners pegReed 8

    winners weight81lb 12oz

  5. N Wood (Hallcroft)

    winners pegReed 40

    winners weight77lb 2oz

Sunday, 7th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match

Moat Island & Bridge Outer, 40 pegs

  1. A Oldham, Halkon Hunt

    winners pegM Isl 14

    winners weight219-11-0

    Andy Oldham claimed another victory in what turned out a close finish. Andy's fantastic 219lbs took his total weight to over 1000lbs of fish in his last six Hallcroft matches. Andy caught shallow on waggler then switched to the pole when his rod broke.

  2. S Barraclough, Frenzie

    winners pegB Out 22

    winners weight216-12-0

    Steve Barraclough took second place with a 2 ton plus net of carp, all caught fishing luncheon meat shallow at 13m.

  3. S Clark, Mansfield Sensas

    winners pegM Isl 73

    winners weight169-2-0

    Steve Clark fished pellet and meat shallow on the pole at 12m for his third place net.

  4. A Sellars, Bankside Tackle

    winners pegB Out 5

    winners weight152-12-0

    Pellet waggler

  5. B Sullivan, Maltby

    winners pegB Out 9

    winners weight144-12-0

    Shallow waggler

  6. C Owen, Park gate Angling

    winners pegM Out 2

    winners weight144-9-0

    Shallow pole

Saturday, 6th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match

Moat Outer, 18 pegs

  1. A Oldham, Halkon Hunt

    winners peg26

    winners weight204-4-0

    Andy Oldham fished 6mm banded pellet on the pole at 12m to win with just over the 2 ton. Andy netted mirror carp up to 12lbs.

  2. S Conry, Mitchell & Darfield

    winners peg110

    winners weight195-6-0

    Steve Conry finished a close second with his top Hallcroft weight. Steve caught shallow on the pole and waggler using Pellet and luncheon meat.

  3. S Lewis, Sheffield

    winners peg8

    winners weight168-14-0

    Steve Lewis also netted his top Hallcroft weight today. Steve caught on pellet waggler and margins to take third.

  4. M Malia, Wickersley

    winners peg14

    winners weight155-4-0

    Pole shallow.

  5. S Clark, Mansfield Sensas

    winners peg104

    winners weight154-12-0

    Pole shallow.

Friday, 5th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft PM Open Match

Moat Outer, 32 pegs

  1. R Teigh, Handsworth

    winners peg78

    winners weight286-0-0

    Rich Teigh netted the top weight from Moat this year to claim victory. Rich caught shallow with maggot then switched to deep shallow with meat late on.

  2. A Oldham, Halkon Hunt

    winners peg95

    winners weight179-11-0

    Andy Oldham took second place with a nice net of carp caught shallow using 8mm banded pellet.

  3. S Pimperton, Sheffield

    winners peg85

    winners weight168-2-0

    Shane Pimperton also caught shallow, but used both pole and waggler to good effect for another decent weight.

  4. C Owen, Doncaster

    winners peg51

    winners weight100-8-0

    Shallow pellet on pole

  5. A Sellars, Bankside Tackle

    winners peg110

    winners weight92-10-0

    Pellet waggler

Thursday, 4th July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open

Bridge/Croft, 38 pegs

  1. K Pacey, Gainsborough

    winners pegB Out 47

    winners weight104-10-0

    Ken Pacey was today's clear winner fishing shallow on the pole using pellets and meat for a nice ton plus net of carp

  2. I Donaldson, Notts A A

    winners pegB Isl 26

    winners weight63-15-0

    Ian Donaldson edged second spot with carp and silver's caught on maggots over groundbait.

  3. D Whiting, Button Hole

    winners pegB Out 58

    winners weight56-12-0

    Dave Whiting fished shallow with maggots on the pole at 12m to take third place.

  4. A Slack, James Maude

    winners pegCroft 27

    winners weight50-6-0

    Expander pellet on the

  5. S Twigg, MAP Leegem

    winners pegB Out 50

    winners weight47-0-0

    Shallow pole with pellet

  6. B Sullivan, Maltby

    winners pegB Out 18

    winners weight46-12-0

    Pellet waggler

Tuesday, 2nd July 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft PM Costcutter Open

Moat Pool, 24 pegs

  1. A Higginbotham

    winners peg64

    winners weight171-6-0

    Adrian Higginbotham finished the clear winner with a decent net of mainly carp all caught shallow on pellet and meat.

  2. R Teigh, Handsworth

    winners peg37

    winners weight110-0-0

    Rich Teigh fished the pole at 13m where he netted carp too 10lbs in his second place net.

  3. P Schoof

    winners peg57

    winners weight88-9-0

    Paul Schoof took third place with a mixed net of carp and bream all caught at 6m using paste.

  4. A Favill, Tuxford

    winners peg12

    winners weight80-12-0

    Margins with casters.

  5. W Plant, Sheffield

    winners peg47

    winners weight79-6-0

    Corn and paste short pole.

  6. D Whiting, Button Hole

    winners peg43

    winners weight69-12-0


Monday, 1st July Veterans Costcutter

Bridge/Croft Pools, 29 pegs

  1. K Pacey, Gainsborough

    winners pegB Isl 13

    winners weight100-8-0

    Ken Pacey fished paste over pellets at 9m to win today with just over the ton of carp and bream

  2. R Turner, Retford

    winners pegB Isl 7

    winners weight80-12-0

    The Turner edged second place with a nice net of carp caught shallow on cubed luncheon meat.

  3. P Schoof, MAP Leegem

    winners pegCroft 27

    winners weight77-12-0

    Paul Schoof fished expander pellets over Micro Pellets for a mixed net of tench and small carp.

  4. B Sullivan, Maltby

    winners pegB Out 23

    winners weight66-14-0

    Pellet waggler shallow.

  5. M Cook, Retford

    winners pegB Out 46

    winners weight52-9-0

    Meat Shallow on the pole.