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Match Results (6-2018)

Check out all the latest winners and runners up on our Match Results.

30/06/2018 Hallcroft Open Match


  1. A Whitehouse

    winners peg61

    winners weight68.01

  2. S Clark

    winners peg67

    winners weight55.05

  3. T Clark

    winners peg40

    winners weight32.15

29/06/2018 Hallcroft Afternoon Match


  1. A Oldham

    winners peg7

    winners weight74.04

  2. A Cordall

    winners peg17

    winners weight65.12

  3. L Hewison

    winners peg12

    winners weight53.13

28/06/2018 Veterans


  1. B Sullivan

    winners peg

    winners weight93.12

  2. D Clegg

    winners peg

    winners weight89.10

  3. T Brown

    winners peg

    winners weight78.02

26/06/2018 Hallcroft Evening Match


  1. K Crummey / The One And Only Mr Tony Casino

    winners peg73

    winners weight46.02

    Bomb And Pellet

  2. N Shipman

    winners peg55

    winners weight34.04

  3. A Tait

    winners peg67

    winners weight31.02

24/06/2018 Hallcroft Open Match


  1. R Teigh

    winners peg22

    winners weight110.00

  2. M Fellows

    winners peg0

    winners weight80.00

  3. K Crummey

    winners peg19

    winners weight68.04

  4. P Fisher

    winners peg10

    winners weight40.00

  5. R Ashcroft

    winners peg27

    winners weight39.00

  6. L Teigh

    winners peg6

    winners weight30.10

24/06/2018 Hallcroft Open Match

Moat island And Outer

  1. M Brownell

    winners peg107

    winners weight360.03

    Moat Outer

  2. A Oldham

    winners peg6

    winners weight245.10

    Moat Island

  3. T Brown

    winners peg102

    winners weight185.14

    Moat Outer

  4. N Vernon

    winners peg59

    winners weight158.04

    Moat Island

  5. Luke

    winners peg71

    winners weight155.04

    Moat Island

  6. B Sullivan

    winners peg77

    winners weight136.04

    Moat Outer

23/06/2018 Hallcroft Open Match

Moat Outer

  1. A Cordell

    winners peg85

    winners weight154.15

  2. S Clark

    winners peg41

    winners weight146.03

  3. A Oldham

    winners peg51

    winners weight93.04

  4. P Miles

    winners peg56

    winners weight91.12

22/06/2018 Hallcroft Afternoon Match

Moat Island

  1. P Miles

    winners peg50

    winners weight94.00

  2. A Berrisford

    winners peg58

    winners weight57.12

  3. J Holdfield

    winners peg38

    winners weight51.06

  4. K Crummey

    winners peg70

    winners weight51.02

21/06/2018 Thursday Vets


  1. D Sewell

    winners peg67

    winners weight109.02

    Moat Island

  2. D Dare

    winners peg44

    winners weight102.08

    Moat Outer

  3. A Sellars

    winners peg52

    winners weight98.08

    Moat Island

18/06/2018 Veterans


  1. K Crummy

    winners peg21

    winners weight134.12

  2. P Fisher

    winners peg10

    winners weight104.10

  3. R Brookes

    winners peg4

    winners weight64.5

  4. D Farr

    winners peg26

    winners weight58.4

17/06/2018 Hallcroft Open Match

Moat Island

  1. A Whitehouse

    winners peg9

    winners weight147.00

    Fished Shallow

  2. L Hewison

    winners peg86

    winners weight109.07

    Fished Shallow

  3. S Twigg

    winners peg98

    winners weight108.12

    Fished Shallow

  4. N Vernon

    winners peg71

    winners weight82.14

    Fished Shallow

16/06/2018 Hallcroft Open Match

Moat Island

  1. A Cordell

    winners peg69

    winners weight163.03

    Shallow tip on tip

  2. D Whiting

    winners peg65

    winners weight164.08

    Hemp and Worm

  3. P Bagshaw

    winners peg57

    winners weight139.02

    Hemp and Corn

  4. A Oldham

    winners peg53

    winners weight136.06

    Shallow 6mm Hallcroft Pellet

15/06/2018 Hallcroft Afternoon Match

Moat Island

  1. N Shipman

    winners peg50

    winners weight186.09

  2. A Tait

    winners peg45

    winners weight137.14

  3. L Hewison

    winners peg40

    winners weight132.05

  4. D Dare

    winners peg5

    winners weight130.00

  5. S Taylor

    winners peg9

    winners weight116.14

  6. 6th P Miles

    winners peg18

    winners weight109.08

12/06/2018 Hallcroft Afternoon Match

Moat Island

  1. D Whiting

    winners peg10

    winners weight157.12

  2. D Oldham

    winners peg24

    winners weight129.12

  3. D Dare

    winners peg34

    winners weight116.06


Reed Pool

  1. G Moody

    winners peg39

    winners weight107.08

  2. K Crummy

    winners peg31

    winners weight53.00

  3. M Cooke

    winners peg14

    winners weight49.08

10/06/2018 Hallcroft Open Match

Moat Outer/Island

  1. M Bromwell

    winners peg40 Island

    winners weight295.07

    Golden Peg

  2. N Vernan

    winners peg73 Island

    winners weight170.12

  3. A Oldham

    winners peg12 Island

    winners weight162.11

09/06/2018 Hallcoft Open Match

Bridge Outer

  1. M Wesley

    winners peg26

    winners weight101.10

  2. K Cresswell

    winners peg23

    winners weight101.01

  3. G Gibson

    winners peg41

    winners weight75.10