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Match Results (6-2013)

Check out all the latest winners and runners up on our Match Results.

Thursday 27th June 2013 Veterans Summer League / Open Match

Moat Pool

  1. B Rance, Retford Honda

    winners pegOuter 68

    winners weight107-8-0

    Barry Rance was today's winner fishing the pole to margins with Corn. This was Barry's first Hallcroft Ton-plus net which comprised of Carp too 9lbs plus 20lbs of mixed silvers.

  2. I Temple, Retford

    winners pegIsland 33

    winners weight97-10-0

    Ian Temple fished the pole at 8m using soft paste over hemp and pellets to catch a nice net of carp and bream for second place.

  3. B Sullivan, Maltby

    winners pegIsland 37

    winners weight89-2-0

    Brian Sullivan caught using banded 8mm Pellet on a Pellet Cone then switched to meat on short pole for all carp up to 8lbs and third.

  4. N Wood, MAP Leegem

    winners pegIsland 29

    winners weight85-6-0

    mixed bag using maggot and groundbait on the pole

  5. R Abbs, Notts

    winners pegOuter 53

    winners weight75-8-0

    Catmeat on the pole

Wednesday, 22nd May 2013 Daiwa Dealer Match 2013

All Complex

  1. Jason White

    winners pegCan 8

    winners weight105-3-0

  2. Steve Crowe

    winners pegB Isl 17

    winners weight75-2-0

  3. Lee Isaac

    winners pegM Out 26

    winners weight74-10-0

  4. Keith Jones

    winners pegCan 20

    winners weight74-5-0

  5. Wilf Lazenby

    winners pegM Out 23

    winners weight71-8-0

  6. P Allton

    winners pegM Isl 63

    winners weight71-6-0

Thursday, 23rd May 2013 Veterans Open Match

Moat Pool - 28 pegs

  1. I Temple, Retford

    winners pegOut 98

    winners weight163-0-0

    Ian Temple stormed to victory with a magnificent ton plus net of all carp. Ian fished the pole at 11m using catmeat over 4mm feed pellets to land carp up too 12lbs.

  2. A Berisford, MAP Leegem

    winners pegIsl 26

    winners weight132-8-0

    Arthur Berisford took second place also with a nice ton plus, but he opted to fish corn and meat on the pole at 6m where he caught carp and bream.

  3. R Toulson, Notts AA

    winners pegIsl 17

    winners weight101-14-0

    Finishing in third was Roy Toulson who won his first Ton Plus Hallcroft Cap. Roy netted carp and bream using meat and pellets on the pole at 8m.

  4. D Speight, Sheffield

    winners pegOut 67

    winners weight93-2-0

    Corn to the margins

  5. A Sellars, Bankside Tackle

    winners pegOut 81

    winners weight90-9-0

    Meat at 10m on pole

Thursday 20th June 2013 Veterans Costcutter Open Match

Bridge Pool

  1. I Donaldson, Notts AA

    winners pegIsl 26

    winners weight93-8-0

    Ian Donaldson continued his good recent form with another fine display of rod and line fishing. Ian caught carp and bream using maggots over groundbait at a rod length out.

  2. C Line, Retford Angling Sup.

    winners pegIsl 24

    winners weight86-4-0

    Chris Line took second spot with a nice net of carp caught on short pole with luncheon meat.

  3. N Wood, MAP Leegem

    winners pegOut 6

    winners weight83-6-0

    Nigel Wood fished maggot over groundbait down the margins to catch carp and bream for third.

  4. R Turner, Retford

    winners pegOut 32

    winners weight75-9-0

    Meat Shallow Pole