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Match Results (12-2017)

Check out all the latest winners and runners up on our Match Results.

9th December 2017. PRESTON Pairs feeder master 2017.

Moat/Bridge and Croft (56 pegs).

  1. N Swannack, Leegem.

    winners pegBridge Outer 42.

    winners weight15-5-0.

    Despite ice on the lakes and freezing weather there were still plent6 if bites to be had in this latest round. Neil Swannack found skimmers feeding on maggot and bloodworm for his winning catch.

  2. M Buchwalder, PRESTON.

    winners pegMoat Outer 79.

    winners weight14-0-0.

    Michael fished mainly bloodworm for his mixed net of silvers and best weight on moat Pool.

  3. T Pickering, PRESTON.

    winners pegMoat Island 26.

    winners weight13-2-0.

    Tommy used similar tactics to the winner for his 13lb weight.

  4. W Freeman, PRESTON.

    winners pegCroft 23.

    winners weight12-1-0.

  5. G Owen, Doncaster.

    winners pegMoat Island 32.

    winners weight10-14-0.

8th December 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.

Moat (20 Pegs).

  1. J Barningham, Marukyu.

    winners pegIsland 56.

    winners weight43-8-0.

    There were some cracking Silverfish weights in this Saturday match on moat with 3 weights over 40lb. John Barningham fished long pole with bloodworm and pinkie for skimmers to 2lb.

  2. T Clark, Mansfield.

    winners pegIsland 40.

    winners weight41-9-0.

    Tom Clark also fished pole using maggot over groundbait for his 41lb of skimmers.

  3. B Holmes, Dynamite.

    winners pegOuter 54.

    winners weight40-1-0.

    Ben Holmes fished long and short with maggot and pinkies for skimmers.

  4. P Miles, Doncaster.

    winners pegOuter 49.

    winners weight30-10-0.

  5. M Malia, Marukyu.

    winners pegOuter 32.

    winners weight25-2-0.

6th December 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans.

Moat (24 Pegs).

  1. K Crummey, Retford.

    winners pegIsland 50.

    winners weight70-3-0.

    Keith Crummey continued his good form with this 70lb carp catch. Keith fished PVA bag with micros and 6mm pellet for carp to 10lb.

  2. A Berisford, Leegem.

    winners pegIsland 73.

    winners weight39-4-0.

    Arthur Berisford came second from peg 73. Arthur fished pellet cone with corn hookbait for carp to 8lb.

  3. I Temple, Retford.

    winners pegIsland 68.

    winners weight37-3-0.

    Ian alternated pole and tip tactics for his carp and skimmers net.

  4. P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks.

    winners pegIsland 40.

    winners weight32-15-0.

  5. S Taylor, Rotherham.

    winners pegIsland 54.

    winners weight32-14-0.

3rd December 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 Silverfish League.

Bridge/Moat and Croft (40 pegs).

  1. I Littlewood, Northern In.

    winners pegBridge Outer 10.

    winners weight32-8-0.

    Ian Littlewood won this latest round from unfancied peg 10 on bridge Outer. Ian fished caster over groundbait at 14m for all skimmers to 2lb.

  2. G Tomlinson, Bridon AC.

    winners pegBridge Isl. 13.

    winners weight31-8-0.

    There was a tie for second place with 31-8-0, both anglers alternating long and short with pellets and casters.

  3. S Clark, Mansfield.

    winners pegbridge Island 17.

    winners weight31-8-0.

  4. J Barningham, Marukyu.

    winners pegBridge Outer 22.

    winners weight28-12-0.

  5. S Barraclough, Browning.

    winners pegMoat Isl 40.

    winners weight25-13-0.

3rd December 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.

Reed (12 pegs).

  1. J Skipper, Gainsborough.

    winners peg38.

    winners weight54-3-0.

    JasonSkipper had the added bonus of a golden peg worth £75 for this win from reed 38,. Jason fished pellet on bomb and pole for carp to 6lb.

  2. D Newman, Leegem.

    winners peg45.

    winners weight53-8-0.

    Daz Newman fell just 1 fish short with 53lb. Daz fished long pole with corn and pellet.

  3. D Hopkinson, Hallcroft.

    winners peg34.

    winners weight43-12-0.

    Dave finished 3rd with 43lb of carp to 5lb.

  4. P Wright, Leegem.

    winners peg7.

    winners weight32-0-0.

  5. W Lomas, Leegem.

    winners peg15.

    winners weight27-8-0.

2nd December 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.

Moat (16 Pegs).

  1. A Sellars, R and R sports.

    winners pegOuter 46.

    winners weight24-3-0.

    With the carp reluctant to feed it was silver fish weights that dominated. Andy Sellars fished caster and maggot on waggler for 24lb of skimmers roach and perch.

  2. P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks.

    winners pegIsland 45.

    winners weight22-12-0.

    Pete Bagshaw fished maggot over groundbait for all skimmers and 22lb.

  3. J Kelly, Doncaster.

    winners pegOuter 32.

    winners weight13-15-0.

    John fished feeder with red maggot for skimmers.

  4. S Clark, Mansfield.

    winners pegIsland 64.

    winners weight13-4-0.

  5. S Cameron, Dynamite.

    winners pegOuter 40.

    winners weight12-5-0.

27th November 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans.

Bridge/Croft (12 pegs).

  1. D Dare, Blidworth.

    winners pegCroft 27.

    winners weight70-5-0.

    Dave Dare drew fancied peg 27 on Croft and made no mistake. Dave Dare fished bomb and pellet cone with hair rigged corn for carp to 7lb.

  2. P Schoof, Hallcroft.

    winners pegBridge Outer 14.

    winners weight52-10-0.

    Paul School fished PVA bag with 4 and 6mm pellet for carp to 12lb.

  3. K Crummey, Retford.

    winners pegBridge Outer 18.

    winners weight47-9-0.

    Keith used similar tactics to 2nd place for his 47lb carp catch.

  4. D Whiting, March.

    winners pegCroft 10.

    winners weight33-3-0.

  5. M Hall, Tuxford.

    winners pegCroft 24.

    winners weight32-13-0.