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Match Results (12-2016)

Check out all the latest winners and runners up on our Match Results.

26th December 2016 Boxing Day - Leegem Match

Moat Pool - 35 pegs

  1. J Thorley, Leegem

    winners pegIsl 40

    winners weight108-9-0

    John Thorley was the clear winner catch a nice winter net of carp on the tip with meat and corn as hook baits.

  2. L Wright, Leegem

    winners pegOut 54

    winners weight65-11-0

    Lee Wright took second place also fishin the tip. Lee caught using punched meat on a small ground bait feeder.

  3. L Hewison, Leegem

    winners pegB Out 5

    winners weight42-4-0

    Lee Hewison caught small carp fishing a bomb with corn to the reeds on Bridge.

  4. A Wells, Leegem

    winners pegB Isl 26

    winners weight39-10-0

  5. M Hall, Leegem

    winners pegM Isl 43

    winners weight27-14-0

24th December 2016. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.

Moat (20 pegs).

  1. S Gray, Worksop.

    winners pegOuter 6.

    winners weight49-10-0.

    Stuart Gray had to wait til late on to catch 10 carp on feeder with corn and pellets.

  2. C Greenside, Dynamite.

    winners pegIsland 40.

    winners weight29-12-0.

    Chris Greenside alternated long pole and pellet and short with casters for skimmers and roach.

  3. N Stones, Barnsley.

    winners pegIsland 57.

    winners weight26-13-0.

    Neil fished bomb with pellet for his 3rd place finish.

  4. A Oldham, Frenzee.

    winners pegIsland 61.

    winners weight26-4-0.

  5. M Parsons, Hallcroft.

    winners pegIsland 50.

    winners weight20-13-0.

22nd December 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Moat (30 Pegs)

  1. R Walker, Rotherham.

    winners pegOuter 56.

    winners weight47-5-0.

    Robin Walker waited to the 2nd half of the match for some carp on his pole line. Robin fished maggot over pellet and ground bait.

  2. D Smith, Sheffield.

    winners pegIsland 57.

    winners weight27-8-0.

    Darren Smith alternated pole and maggot and feeder with corn for carp and skimmers.

  3. M Parsons, Hallcroft.

    winners pegOuter 51.

    winners weight27-4-0.

    Martin Parsons fished maggot and caster over ground bait for his mixed net of carp and silvers.

  4. P Miles, Doncaster.

    winners pegOuter 8.

    winners weight23-15-0.

  5. P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks.

    winners pegIsland 43.

    winners weight21-13-0.

19th December 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Craft (12 pegs)

  1. M Hall, Tuxford

    winners peg6.

    winners weight26-12-0.

    Mick Hall won this low weight affair from peg 6 with 26lb. mick fished soft pellet on long pole for an all skimmer net.

  2. R Holmes, Notts.

    winners peg27

    winners weight23-12-0.

    Roger Holmes fished pellet and corn for carp to 3lb.

  3. C Yves, Hallcroft.

    winners peg25.

    winners weight22-9-0

    Chuck fished pole with maggot and tip with pellet for a mixed net.

  4. D Sewell, James Maude AC.

    winners peg2

    winners weight15-10-0.

  5. R Mawer, Notts.

    winners peg0

    winners weight15-2-0.

18th December 2016 Sunday Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 Series

Moat Island, Bridge and Croft - 32 pegs

  1. B Holmes, Dynamite

    winners pegCroft 20

    winners weight36-9-0

    Ben Holmes continued his good form in this league with another win. Ben fished maggots and groundbait on the pole.

  2. C Greenside, Dynamite

    winners pegCroft 25

    winners weight26-15-0

    Chris Greenside caught nearly all skimmers in his third place net, using pole and caster.

  3. J Barningham, Fantackletastic

    winners pegB Outer 11

    winners weight21-3-0

    John Barningham took third place with a mixed net of silvers caught on pole and casters.

  4. S Clark, Mansfield

    winners pegCroft 8

    winners weight21-0-0

  5. S Shepherd, Worksop

    winners pegM Isl 54

    winners weight19-15-0

18th December 2016 Sunday Open Match

Reed Pool - 14 pegs

  1. P Elliott, Leegem

    winners peg33

    winners weight69-12-0

    Paul Elliott fished expander pellet on the pole at 12m to catch mainly carp for the win.

  2. L Hewison, Leegem

    winners peg28

    winners weight50-15-0

    Lee Hewison caught small carp on pole and pellets to edge the close second place.

  3. S Spurr, Leegem

    winners peg11

    winners weight50-2-0

    Steve Spurr continued his good form on Reed with third place today.

  4. C Line, Retford Angling

    winners peg31

    winners weight46-15-0

  5. S Grey, Worksop

    winners peg42

    winners weight35-2-0

17th December 2016 Saturday Open Match Silver Prize

Moat Pool - 17 pegs

  1. B Holmes, Dynamite

    winners pegM Out 26

    winners weight47-13-0

    Ben Homes fished maggots and groundbait on the pole plus corn on the bomb for a mixed net of carp and skimmers.

  2. D Smith, Hallcroft

    winners pegM Isl 60

    winners weight46-5-0

    Darren Smith finished a close second with mainly carp caught on a pellet feeder to the middle of Moat.

  3. C Greenside, Dynamite

    winners pegM Isl 40

    winners weight42-12-0

    Chris Greenside took third spot with carp and silvers caught on short pole with casters

  4. T Butt, Leeds

    winners pegM Isl 64

    winners weight25-12-0

  5. S Clark, Mansfield

    winners pegM Isl 56

    winners weight24-8-0

16th December 2016 Friday Open Match

Reed Pool - 6 pegs

  1. S Skelton, Farm Park

    winners peg31

    winners weight100-14-0

    Simon Skelton edged this close match with a nice winter net of carp taken on pole and pellet.

  2. N Shipman, Mansfield

    winners peg38

    winners weight100-4-0

    Nigel Shipman finished a close second with another ton plus net of carp.

  3. M Malia, Dynamite

    winners peg34

    winners weight91-12-0

    Matt Malia fished long pole and expander pellet.

  4. A Lakey, Worksop

    winners peg12

    winners weight83-0-0

  5. C Brazier, Mansfield

    winners peg8

    winners weight65-12-0

15th December 2016 Thursday Veterans Open Match

Bridge/Croft Pools - 23 pegs

  1. A Payling, Peg One

    winners pegCroft 5

    winners weight68-12-0

    Arnie Payling fished the pole at 10m using expander pellet over feed pellets to catch carp and skimmers for the win.

  2. A Sellars, R&R Sports

    winners pegB Out 55

    winners weight57-11-0

    Andy Sellars took second place catching carp too 7lbs on a small feeder with groundbait and maggots.

  3. D Clegg, DJK Floats

    winners pegB Isl 1

    winners weight48-6-0

    Dick Clegg edged the close third place with a net of small carp caught from the deep margins using pellet and corn.

  4. T Brown, Leegem

    winners pegCroft 19

    winners weight47-7-0

  5. R Holmes, Notts AA

    winners pegB Isl 13

    winners weight46-3-0

11th December 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat (19 Pegs)

  1. R Teigh, Handsworth.

    winners pegIsland 57

    winners weight120-4-0

    Rich Teigh blitzed the Sunday field with an impressive 120lb. He fished long pole with pellet for carp into double figures

  2. D Oldham, Maltby.

    winners pegIsland 42

    winners weight56-3-0

    Daz Oldham alternated pellet and maggot on long pole for a mixed net of carp and skimmers

  3. W Lomas, Leegem

    winners pegOuter 45

    winners weight28-13-0

    Wayne Lomas caught mainly skimmers on long pole and pellet

  4. M Brumby, Gainsborough.

    winners pegOuter 56

    winners weight26-12-0

  5. A Payling, Peg One.

    winners pegIsland 63

    winners weight23-1-0

10th December 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat (24 Pegs)

  1. M Malia, Dynamite.

    winners pegOuter 46

    winners weight67-8-0

    There were some impressive skimmer nets in this latest Saturday open. Matt Malia made it 2 wins in 2 with 35lb of skimmers and 6 carp on maggot and caster short

  2. C Greenside, Dynamite.

    winners pegOuter 51

    winners weight67-3-0

    Chris Greenside fell agonizingly 5 oz short of the winner. Chris also used maggot and caster to good effect for carp and skimmers

  3. A Oldham, Frenzee.

    winners pegOuter 6

    winners weight53-3-0

    Andy Oldham fished feeder with pellet and corn to the far bank for mainly carp to 6lb

  4. S Clark, Mansfield.

    winners pegOuter 40

    winners weight52-13-0

  5. D Dare, Blidworth.

    winners pegIsland 54

    winners weight47-12-0

9th December 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft open

Croft ( 10 Pegs)

  1. M Malia, Dynamite.

    winners peg3

    winners weight137-0-0

    This was a good small open with the top 3 all breaking the ton. Matt fished maggot and pellet short for carp to 16lb

  2. A Oldham, Frenzee.

    winners peg22

    winners weight118-12-0

    Andy Oldham fished pellet long for for carp, tench and skimmers

  3. S Clark, Mansfield.

    winners peg6

    winners weight117-2-0

    Steve Clark fished maggots down the margins for carp to 10lb

8th December 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Moat (28 Pegs)

  1. S Gray Worksop.

    winners pegIsland 70.

    winners weight64-12-0

    With the milder weather the carp on moat pool made more of an appearance in this latest Vets match. Stuart gray fished long pole with expander pellet over micros for carp and skimmers

  2. A Sellars, R and R sports.

    winners pegIsland 55

    winners weight62-15-0

    Andy Sellars caught majority of his carp on bomb with hair rigged meat and pellet

  3. D Clegg, DJK

    winners pegIsland 49

    winners weight42-11-0

    Dick Clegg fished maggot and pellet on long pole for a mixed net of carp and skimmers

  4. S Carr, Worksop.

    winners pegIsland 40

    winners weight34-13-0

  5. G Gibson, Max Tackle.

    winners pegIsland 64

    winners weight33-11-0

4th December 2016 Sunday Teams of 4 Silverfish League

Moat Isl/Bridge/Croft - 32 pegs

  1. S Clark, Grebe All Stars

    winners pegM Isl 50

    winners weight27-2-0

    With Ice on the lakes during the week, anglers were a bit apprehensive when arriving today. However, there were still plenty of silverfish feeding as Steve Clark lead the field with a nice net of small skimmers caught on long pole and pellets.

  2. A Payling, Dynamite Baits

    winners pegC 27

    winners weight26-15-0

    Arnie Payling was a close second also catching well on pellets with expander pellet as hook bait.

  3. I Littlewood, Northern Inn

    winners pegB Isl 22

    winners weight26-5-0

    Ian Littlewood finished third with a net of skimmers caught mainly on pole with maggot over groundbait.

  4. G Gibson, Max Tackle

    winners pegB Out 51

    winners weight24-13-0

  5. L Sears, Daiwa

    winners pegB Isl 16

    winners weight22-11-0

  6. G Smith, Daiwa Sensas

    winners pegB Out 41

    winners weight22-4-0

3rd December 2016 Saturday Open Match (Silverfish Prize)

Moat Pool - 17 pegs

  1. P Bagshaw, Leegem

    winners pegOut 6

    winners weight39-4-0

    Following a week that saw ice on the lake and no matches since the weekend, today was always going to be tough. Pete Bagshaw made the most of his peg fishing a small feeder to the reeds to catch carp up to 6lbs and the victory.

  2. P Miles, Rotherham

    winners pegOut 26

    winners weight28-7-0

    Pete Miles took second place with carp and skimmers caught on the pole at 13m using pellets.

  3. M Malia, Dynamite Baits

    winners pegOut 54

    winners weight22-15-0

    Matt Malia took third place with the help of a bonus carp caught on caster on his silverfish rig.

  4. B Holmes, Dynamite Baits

    winners pegIsl 68

    winners weight21-9-0

    Ben Holmes won today's Silverfish Prize with a nice net of roach and small skimmers.

1st December 2016 Thursday Veterans Open Match

Bridge Outer/Croft Pool - 24 pegs

  1. G Hiley, Woodhouse Angling

    winners pegC 27

    winners weight94-2-0

    Geoff Hiley made the most of his corner peg today catching carp on the pole at 11m using maggots and pellets.

  2. A Payling, Peg One

    winners pegB Out 55

    winners weight69-14-0

    Arnie Payling took second place catchng carp on pole and pellet and a bomb with corn fished towards the reeds.

  3. C Yves, Chesterfield

    winners pegC 1

    winners weight58-4-0

    Chuck Yves fished on short pole with 6mm banded pellet over 4mm feed pellets.

  4. S Richards, Woodhouse Angling

    winners pegC 23

    winners weight45-5-0

  5. M Cooke, Retford

    winners pegB Out 5

    winners weight42-11-0

28th December 2016 Monday Veterans Costcutter

reed Pool - 10 pegs

  1. D Sewell, James Maude Linden

    winners peg33

    winners weight70-1-0

    Dave Sewell continued his good form on Mondays with another win today. Dave caught carp on the pole using 4 and 6mm pellets.

  2. B Rance, Retford Honda

    winners peg12

    winners weight36-11-0

    Barry Rance caught carp and the odd bream using casters over groundbait on the pole at 9m.

  3. M Cooke, Retford

    winners peg9

    winners weight29-3-0

    Mick Cooke took third place with small carp caught on pole and expander pellet.

  4. D Boswell, Bryden AC

    winners peg15

    winners weight27-14-0

  5. P Schoof, Leegem

    winners peg22

    winners weight26-1-0