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Match Results

Check out all the latest winners and runners up on our Match Results.

19/10/2020 Open

Moat Outer

  1. A. Tait

    winners peg9

    winners weight190.01

  2. B. Rance

    winners peg15

    winners weight139.11

  3. A. Cordall

    winners peg21

    winners weight137.10

  4. T.Sanderson

    winners peg51

    winners weight125.14

  5. A. Berisford

    winners peg72

    winners weight88.08

18/10/20 OPEN MATCH


  1. A. Sutton

    winners peg14

    winners weight253.10

  2. J. Wilde

    winners peg23

    winners weight123.04

  3. A. Berisford

    winners peg17

    winners weight106.10

  4. B. Sullivan

    winners peg20

    winners weight97.14

17/10/20 OPEN MATCH


  1. A. Cordall

    winners peg96

    winners weight194.07

  2. A. Sutton

    winners peg72

    winners weight162.14

  3. G. Tomlinson

    winners peg100

    winners weight91.02

16/10/20 OPEN MATCH


  1. J. Wilde

    winners peg25

    winners weight224.07

  2. A. Sutton

    winners peg2

    winners weight138.14

  3. S. Taylor

    winners peg51

    winners weight126.11

15/10/20 VETS MATCH


  1. A. Cordall

    winners peg6

    winners weight134.03

  2. C. Ives

    winners peg25

    winners weight95.04

  3. T. Thorpe

    winners peg16

    winners weight81.00

  4. S. Thorpe

    winners peg22

    winners weight71.02