Barbless Hooks Only (Maximum Size 12)

In-Line Pellet Feeders are Allowed

All Feeders and Bombs must be Free Running

No Floating Baits

No Method Feeders

No Braid or Hybrid Lines (Single strand Monofilament Nylon Only)

Minimum of 12inch Hook Length

Maximum Pole Length 14.5 Metres

ALL NETS must be dipped prior to fishing

Keepnets - Matches Only and maximum of 60lbs per net

Carp and Silvers in separate nets

All Excess bait and litter to be removed from site

No Night Fishing


Hallcroft Feed Pellets Only (Maximum 1.5Kg)

Any Hook Pellet Allowed

Sweetcorn, Luncheon Meat, Hemp and Paste

Worms, Maggots, Casters, Pinkies, Squatts

Bloodworm and Joker

Groundbait (Max. 2Kg per angler)

Catmeat (Max. 2 Standard Tins per angler)