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Match Results

Check out all the latest winners and runners up on our Match Results.

22/09/18 open match

Moat Island

  1. M.Stainsby

    winners peg39

    winners weight173.07

  2. S.Clegg

    winners peg42

    winners weight159.08

  3. D.Dare

    winners peg2

    winners weight127.0

  4. A.Cordell

    winners peg30

    winners weight122.14

  5. M.Millburn

    winners peg27

    winners weight112.02

open match

Moat Island + Moat Outer

  1. S.Clark

    winners peg40

    winners weight270.07

  2. D.Dare

    winners peg48

    winners weight242.06

  3. J.Wilde

    winners peg21

    winners weight204.08

  4. S.Stockley

    winners peg29

    winners weight184.14

  5. R.Teigh

    winners peg64

    winners weight176.13

16th september 2018 open match

bridge island

  1. K .Crummey

    winners peg10

    winners weight188.01

  2. D.Farr

    winners peg22

    winners weight177.02

  3. P.Schoof

    winners peg19

    winners weight141.11

  4. P.Fisher

    winners peg13

    winners weight140.00

  5. M.Boothby

    winners peg4

    winners weight79.05

16.9.18 sunday open


  1. s.clark

    winners peg14

    winners weight245.14

  2. i.thompson

    winners peg18

    winners weight198.04

  3. p.wright

    winners peg22

    winners weight152.05

  4. s.twigg

    winners peg26

    winners weight150.11

  5. k.crawford

    winners peg6

    winners weight143.15

14th september 2018 open match

Moat Island

  1. G.Gibson

    winners peg39

    winners weight158.10

  2. J.Wilde

    winners peg27

    winners weight139.12

  3. S.Clark

    winners peg23

    winners weight136.13

  4. I.Thompson

    winners peg63

    winners weight115.14

  5. M.Bradley

    winners peg51

    winners weight113.07