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Fishing Tariff & Rules

Be sure to take a read of our Fishing Tariffs & Rules before you pitch up.

Fishing Tariff

Fishing per person

Pleasure angling – £6.00 per day
OAP’s – £5 per day
Juniors – £4.50 per day

Open Matches:
From £4.50 plus optional pools

Please Note – during peak periods (Weekends) there may be limited pegs available until after the matches finish (around 3pm)

Fishing Tariff

Fishing Rules and Baits Allowed

Fishing Rules:

  • Barbless Hooks Only (Maximum Size 12)
  • In-Line Pellet Feeders are Allowed
  • All Feeders and Bombs must be Free Running
  • No Floating Baits
  • No Method Feeders
  • No Braid or Hybrid Lines (Single strand Monofilament Nylon Only)
  • Minimum of 12inch Hook Length
  • Maximum Pole Length 14.5 Metres
  • ALL NETS must be dipped prior to fishing
  • Keepnets - Matches Only and maximum of 60lbs per net
  • Carp and Silvers in separate nets
  • All Excess bait and litter to be removed from site
  • No Night Fishing

Fishing Baits Allowed:

  • Hallcroft Feed Pellets Only (Maximum 1.5Kg)
  • Any Hook Pellet Allowed
  • Sweetcorn, Luncheon Meat, Hemp and Paste
  • Worms, Maggots, Casters, Pinkies, Squatts
  • Bloodworm and Joker
  • Groundbait (Max. 2Kg per angler)
  • Catmeat (Max. 2 Standard Tins per angler)
Fishing Rules